VivaBlock is our unique email platform.  VivaBlock is available as a managed service or as an office based email appliance.

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VivaBlock Server is a email server for small to medium business.

VivaBlock Server is an email security appliance that contains an email server as well as the anti-malware security required to provide a total solution.

  • VivaBlock is a complete email server, security, plug and play solution.
  • It is licensed per unit and not per user.
  • The spam firewall blocks at source based on business rules and not analysis of the emails’ content, making it greater than 90% effective. This method also means it cannot generate false positives.
  • The firewall is also unique in identifying new spam sources twice as fast as the traditional real-time block lists (RBLs). More than 400 new spam sources per second can be added in real-time.
  • The VivaBlock appliances form a server community connected via the central license monitoring hub and the spam blocking improves as each device shares its blocking information.
  • VivaBlock is Self healing. Every 24 hours the appliance automatically does a complete self-test and rebuilds its database before rebooting, so you have a fresh system every day.

VivaBlock is very affordable at only £1,299+VAT including 12 months updates.

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